Pune is an up and coming city which has seen drastic changes and developments in the past few years, however, it is still debatable if it is a better holiday destination than the other cities in India. The best bet for you to visit and experience Pune thoroughly is during the festive seasons. This article talks about about the various festivals celebrated in Pune.

Pune is the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra. It has an extraordinary logbook game plan for every one of its celebrations that are available in the spot. The most widely recognized celebration is the Pune celebration or the Ganesha Mahotsav. The Pune celebration starts beginning from August to September amid the Ganesh Mahotsav. It is Pune’s greatest celebration and it goes on for ten days. It starts with the establishment of icons and finishes on the drenching of the Lord Ganesha. The establishment of icons alludes to the elephant headed Lord named Ganesha. Another city in India which celebrates various Hindu festivals in similar grandeur is Chennai, the city which has a host of famous temples. Check your Pune to Chennai flight rates and book yourself a ticket to the city to experience it all over again. Mentioned below are the major festivals you can be a part of in Pune.


  • The Ganesha Mahotsav is constantly finished with awesome appear and pageantry. It is a certain appearance of the immense number of Mandals being set up here. There is blasting music that breathes life into the energetic supporters. On the last day, the procession in inundating the Lord Ganesha has droning music of “Ganapati Bappa Morya..Pudhchya Varshi Laukar Yaa.” The celebration’s roots are being followed back to the pre-freedom time where the entire festival began. For the travelers, the Pune celebration and the Ganesha Mahotsav are synonymous. They are one and the same.
  • The Chaturshringi is held each year on the Navratri celebration. This is at the foothill of Chaturshringi Temple. This begins as nightfall until day break. There are bunches of amusements held amid this event. This celebration is more prominent to the understudies of the Pune however numerous visitors additionally belittle the occasion. Expect substantial activity amid this time.
  • Sawai Gandharva. This was worked to offer support to the entire world. This is a celebration made acclaimed in view of the maestros of Indian Classical Music. It denote the passing commemorations of Shri Sawai Gandharva. This Shri Sawai Gandharva is an established artist and Guru of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. It began in 1953 and has a developing support each year. This celebration begins around evening time and closures at sunrise. The entire occasion goes on for three days. The climate was never an issue. The celebrations go on come downpour or daylight. Guests who troop to the venue are outfitted with covers in the event that it gets to be important.
  • Osho is another celebration of Pune that praises life. It is held to remember the demise commemoration and the birth date festivities of Osho. Amid the celebration, there are AIDS tests being held to serve the group. You would not have any desire to miss the entertainment sessions here which comprise of singing and dancing. You can get the celebration from November to January.